Enhance Your Career with Legal Secretary Training

Whether you're looking to launch a new career goal or to build on previous education, legal secretary training offers a great way to enhance your career. Legal secretaries boast wages of up to $80/hour and work in highly professional environments. These appealing job characteristics motivate thousands each year to complete the legal secretary training necessary to begin employment. In this article, we'll take a look at the requirements and rigors of the legal secretary training process as well as options for obtaining the coursework and credentials necessary.

First Order of Business

Legal secretaries are required under state law and legal boards to possess a certain number of hours of accredited coursework in order to obtain state licensure as paralegals. However, those who do not wish to obtain the paralegal status do not have to meet any state coursework hour requirements. Legal secretary training does come in handy when applying for competitive positions in the industry as it helps distinguish candidates and displays a formal level of education and relevant background for the job. Applicants are better positioned to acquire more lucrative legal secretary positions with training.

Legal Secretary Coursework

Legal secretary training coursework consists mainly of building administrative skills, but also includes skills-building more specific to assisting in the legal profession. For instance, legal secretaries may take courses in legal research, transcript transcription, drafting pleadings, appellate procedures or documents for discovery and courtroom conduct and procedure in order to gain a better understanding of the requirements of the job. In addition, legal secretary training students may also take courses in legal records managements as well as document control and docket scheduling.

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Legal Secretary Training Specifics

Legal secretary training can take up to two years to complete. Many legal secretary training programs are based on a two year curriculum with some programs offering speedier course completion. Diplomas and certificates are offered which work well to prove competence to law firms and offices seeking new legal secretaries. Most programs are comprehensive offering a wide variety of courses and requiring no previous experience or legal background to get started. In addition, many programs offer employment assistance helping new graduates find jobs after receiving their legal secretary training and education.

Legal Secretary Schools

A wide variety of both online and offline schools exist to provide legal secretary training. Today, many more job candidates are opting for online schools due to the convenience of learning from home and completing courses at their own pace. Online schools are numerous and plentiful with each offering both general and specialized legal secretary coursework. In addition, many well-known online educational programs such as DeVry Institute and Kaplan offer special legal and paralegal divisions where prospective students can gain an education in legal secretary skill and practice.

Though there are state requirements for licensure of paralegals, very few requirements exist for legal secretaries. In fact, the most beneficial thing for prospective legal secretaries is experience. However, possessing a legal secretary diploma or certificate can be the proof needed to show employers proficiency in skill in order to land a job. Legal secretary training coursework prepares legal secretaries for both the administrative and legally specific rigors of the job, and legal secretary training schools can provide the foundation for legal concepts and the administrative practice needed to succeed.

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